Monday, 11 December 2017

Aspire, Inspire and Motivation!

This morning we had the opportunity to hear a speech from Andrew Patterson and one of our past Pt England student, Raenan. They firstly talked to us intermediate students about our next step into secondary college and Raenan's experience of his 4 years of his college years.

Andrew Patterson firstly took us back to 2013, Where he first met Raenan as a Year 8. Raenan was at the stage of learning how to prepare things such as an interview, speech or being a good leader towards those who look up to him. Raenan set goals for himself, One of them were to be a head boy in college and luckily he was announced to be the deputy head boy for Tamaki College in 2018.

Raenan himself took us back to his first year attending Tamaki, as he had many opportunities for him to go for. He talked to us about him joining the "Geek Cafe" and how he was taught how to help people to use technology, especially elderly people. For me, That was pretty interesting to hear and amazing to think that elderly were/are interested in our technology.

Before ending off their interview/speech, they presented us a video of a student who attends Manurewa High school. A year 12 who was speaking his experience of having a dad as mongrel mob member, his dad was sent to jail for up to 8 years. Leaving him at a young age (7) and only coming back halfway through his year of High school (15). I found it interesting to hear and inspiring on how he was able to get through all  his troubles at home, he kept focusing on the good things and improved while he was at it.

One of the things that I mainly picked up was to keep striving even though you're at your worse, to never give up and keep working hard for those who you love. They all inspired me to keep going for new things and improve on them throughout your years of college, It was a lovely speech and I was definitely inspired.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Time for decimals.

WALT: Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems AND decimal addition and subtraction.

This week we've been learning about addition and subtraction with decimals, I learnt a range of strategies to solve this. Look in the presentation above to see what I've been learning about.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tongan rugby league team! - My letter.

Today, I'll be writing a letter to the Tongan rugby league team!

To whom it may concern, 

I am writing this letter to you firstly to congratulate you guys for making it this far! Judging by the score I could tell it was a tough game, You guys did well to keep with England. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the game due to chaos before and after the game but I did show my support and appreciation
right at my house! It was really heart-breaking and disappointing to hear that Tonga lost, Especially when the referee didn't call the try.   

Obviously like many others around this world, I do believe Andrew Fifita deserved that try. It was a clear 1 on 1 strip, Fifita scooped the ball back up and successfully crossed that try line. It was an amazing act as to the Tongan team only scored 4 tries in under 7 minutes but clearly we don't support of what Matt Cechin (referee) did.

Us supporters believe that we won in our hearts, No matter what we're still proud of how you guys went. Especially being able to make history! 

Monday, 4 December 2017

RLWC - My perspective and opinion.

WALT: I am able to identify the ideas opinions of author and share my own comparison.

The semifinals for Rugby league world cup between Tonga and England, My perspective of things in these articles. I read up to three articles and had to agree or disagree with some of the statements I had read, look in the presentation above to see what I thought.

Friday, 1 December 2017

How music around us affect our emotions.

WALT: Music, Emotion and colors.

During this term one of our learning intentions were to focus on which music affects how you feel, We choose up to 6 emotions and had to match our feelings to that song. Look at the presentation above to see how I feel about some of the songs that I may love or not.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Child tooth decay - New Zealand.

WALT: I am able to distinguish between fact and opinion by identifying relevant language features the author has subtly used.
 This week we've been learning about Tooth decay, around New Zealand the numbers have raised and hospitals have now struggle with keeping up with dental care. Here is a presentation above to see what I've been working towards.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems.

WALT: Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems.

Addition and subtraction word problems, this week I've been learning about partitioning, reversibility, rounding and compensation. Look in the presentation above to see how I worked out these problems.